Inclement Weather Procedures

  • In the event that Anderson County Alternative School must call for school closing because of inclement weather, an eLearning day will be put into place.  Beginning in the month of September students will be given a packet of work to cover multiple days out of school. The packet will be left in the back of the binder until needed. Each packet will be aligned with South Carolina State Standards and correlate with topics being covered in class or End of Course test review.  Depending on the use of eLearning days, packets will be redistributed throughout the school year for the continued preparation of future inclement weather situations. For unexpected cancelations, students will have the monthly lesson calendar in their binder and teachers will have this monthly lesson calendar uploaded to their website.  

    Students will have 2 days following the return to school to complete assignments and have the opportunity to ask questions or discuss the work with the teacher. Students who do not complete these lessons will receive a zero for the assignment.

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