Renaissance Academy Dress Code and Grooming Expecations

  • Appearance: We have high standards concerning our dress code and personal appearance, as this is an important element of instilling confidence and creating a positive learning environment. An attractive uniform and overall appearance will communicate that you care about yourself and will prepare you for the workplace. Renaissance Academy will, consistent with the requirements of federal, state, or local law, consider making reasonable accommodations with respect to dress or grooming requirements that are directly related to a student’s religion and/or ethnicity. If an accommodation of this nature is required, please notify the director, and be prepared to discuss potential reasonable accommodations. Failure to comply with the Renaissance Academy dress code may result in being assigned to Intensive Support Services (ISS) until compliance is ensured.


    Uniforms: Your uniform consists of dress pants, RA polo shirt, belt, name badge and lanyard, one pair of shoes, and an RA sweatshirt (cold weather). All students must be in full uniform any time they represent the school. You will be expected to be in compliance with the dress code on a daily basis at school, on field trips, on the school bus, open houses, and meetings at the school. All garments should fit properly and be clean, pressed (as applicable), and in good condition (i.e., no holes, fraying, stains, discoloration, etc.).

    • Proper undergarments must be worn by all students. 
    • Students must present a professional appearance (neat, clean, and well-groomed).
    • School name badges must be worn at all times, on the outermost garment, on the student’s school-issued lanyard. 
    • Other miscellaneous pins, buttons, stickers, and/or ribbons may not be worn on the uniform or affixed to the name badge or lanyard. 
    • All shirts must be worn tucked in. 
    • Student’s polo shirts must be worn with at least the bottom button fastened. 
    • Students may wear solid white undershirts (no printing, graphics, or pockets) under all shirts. Undershirt sleeve length should not extend below the bottom edge of the Renaissance Academy shirt sleeve. Pants must fit properly.
    • A black or brown belt must be worn and must be trimmed so that the end does not hang below the beltline.
    • Shoes must be solid black tennis shoes with laces or Velcro. Closed heel and closed-toe styles are required. Shoes must fit properly with laces tied snuggly unless limited by temporary medical conditions requiring corrective orthopedic devices (due to broken bones, surgery, etc.). Shoes must always be in good shape (clean, no holes, etc.).
    • Students must wear solid black or white socks.
    • Renaissance Academy sweatshirts will be available for purchase as an option for students who wish to add warmth. Renaissance Academy sweatshirts will be the only garment allowed to be worn over the Renaissance Academy polo shirt.



    No visible jewelry will be allowed, and no visible piercing retainers will be allowed. 


    Grooming: Good personal hygiene is expected of students when they report for school (e.g., clean-shaven, bathed, and with appropriate application of body deodorant). Perfume or cologne must be subdued in fragrance and not be distracting to teachers or fellow students. Body modifications (e.g., piercings, extended earlobes, etc.) visible to staff are not acceptable.

    • Hair: Hair must be neat (combed or brushed), clean, and worn in good taste so as not to be distracting to teachers or fellow students.  Unnatural hair colors (“crayon colors”) or eccentric styles (e.g., Mohawks, shaven designs, etc.) are not permitted. Hair must not fall below the midpoint of the collar at the back, below the midpoint of the ear on the sides, or below the eyebrows on the forehead. Hair must be out of the eyes. Hair that is long enough will need to be placed in a bun at the back of the head. Hair that is not long enough for a bun will need to be pinned back out of the eyes. Students will not be allowed to have a “unicorn” ponytail on the forehead. Buns cannot be placed on top of the head. No hair accessories are permitted, with the exception of a headband (thin, non-slip, elastic sport-type bands only) of neutral tones or black and black bobby pins.
    • Facial hair: other than a neatly trimmed mustache, is unacceptable. Sideburns must be trimmed to be no longer than the bottom of the earlobe and of a consistent width on the sides from top to bottom.
    • Eyebrows: Students are not allowed to have notched eyebrows. Notched eyebrows will be filled in with a brow pencil.
    • Makeup: must be subdued and worn in good taste so as not to be distracting to teachers or fellow students. No false eyelashes will be allowed.
    • Nails: Nails must not be past the ends of the fingertip. Students are not allowed to have false nails. Fingernail polish must be the same color on all nails, worn in good taste. The only colors allowed are blue or gold polish (school colors), clear, or a French manicure on the natural nail. Fingernail gems and/or designs will not be permitted. 

    Violations: students who are in violation of the dress code or grooming expectations when they arrive at school will be required to be in compliance before they leave check-in.

    • Students with dress pant violations will be given army fatigues to wear for the day and will be expected to return with the correct dress pants when they return to school.
    • Students will be given a razor for facial hair violations (up to 3 offenses).
    • Students who arrive without their notebooks will be given a loaner notebook on their first offense. Subsequence offenses will result in the student being given a new notebook and the fee being placed on his/her fee balance.


    Uniform Items:


    Dry fit polo purchased through Renaissance Academy; students are required to purchase at least 2 shirts at the time of enrollment and must be tucked in at all times. 


    Tan, black, or navy dress pants are acceptable. Pants must have a zipper, button, and belt loops. Pants are not allowed to be form-fitting. No leggings will be allowed. Students are not permitted to wear jeans/denim or casual pants that look like jeans.


    Shorts must be black, navy, or tan khaki in color and must come to the top of the knee. Shorts must have a zipper, button, and belt loops. Females can also wear black, navy, or tan khaki Capri pants. Capri pants must have a zipper, button, and belt loops (no jeans/denim).


    Not permitted 


    Black or brown in color of the appropriate length and proper fit.


    All black tennis shoes are required (see page 23 for more details). Shoes must not have holes, the soles must be intact, with laces always tied or Velcro closed tightly.


    White or black only

    Cold Weather: Sweatshirts are available for purchase through Renaissance Academy. Long john pants and tops may be worn if they do not show under the RA uniform. If wearing a long john top, the RA polo shirt and sweatshirt must be worn also. There will be times during the year when sweatshirts will no longer be permitted by the discretion of the Director.