Mr. Randolph H. Dillingham

Mr. Dillingham
  • Welcome to Anderson County Alternative School.  This school, serving students since 1996, has established itself in the community as a place where students in grades 6-12, who have been expelled or removed from an Anderson County school district or ordered to attend by a court official, can get back on track in a safe and structured environment.

    In this structured environment, students will be expected to adhere to established grooming standards including wearing a uniform, participate in academic classes tailored to individual student abilities and needs, follow a structured movement pattern and experience real life training in our SIRT activities.  SIRT (Students in Realistic Training) is designed to instill a high degree of self-discipline and motivation, respect for authority and respect for others, build students’ physical strength and self-esteem and grasp the importance of following directions.  Students will also have many opportunities to interact with counselors whose services will also be available to families.  These programs are detailed in this Handbook.

    We welcome the opportunity to work with you and to assist you in meeting the challenges of daily life.  Please join our team of dedicated professionals and establish your personal “great expectations” for academic, social, emotional and behavioral performance both at school and away from the campus.  Working together, we can begin to make better choices which will be reflected in personal and academic growth.

    This site is designed to serve as a guide to the opportunities, expectations and regulations at ACAS.  Please remember, however, that this site is not an all-inclusive listing of rules, regulations, and opportunities.  If you have questions or wish to talk with any staff member, please contact us at 864-260-4888.  We look forward to working with you throughout this school year.

    Randolph H. Dillingham